The Maniac.

Frantic blood waded past the vein,
in despairing rage, streamed abrupt to the head.
trembling he fell,sinking, shaking and slowly,
in overpowered blackout, the eyes seemed to met.

crumpling he foraged to unleash his magical sword,
with shaking hands and torrid beats , he struggle,
What doomed on the Maniac sudden! what he's bent upon,
rummaging his rainbow dreams, which the Heavens still prattle!

Dunking the hot- head in water, cold, as cold one can feel,
the heat of psyche's boiled the water, as the moron lay still
parted lips hung dried, broods from blue the Madness,
madness-the paper absorbing composed self to numbness.

lay the maniac pinioned by evils of rage,
inscribing words on the wall for his epitaph's essence.
where desires lay to see the sun before
the lunatic passes quietly, melting with the darkness..

Indrajit Ghosal.


9 Sonatas:

    just awesome!!


    i am running out of adjectives 4 grt 4 ur blog!!!


    i really envy you for being so poetic bring out the feelings so well
    .........truely great..!!


    thanks for the kind words mate!glas you liked the proposal, and feel free to use excerpts from it to woo your woman, if u feel the need to do so.. thats what it has been written for..thanks again, u r a great writer yourself!!bless you..


    @ kooksi
    kind of you to extend such a gesture. no i would never need to do "so"


    amazingly well written just loved ur sense of vocab


    Deep and Destructive rage...;)
    pouredinto paper.. to make something profound..

    keep it up!



    A good one.. but u need to concentrate on ur tenses..liked the way u managed to portray the intensity of a so called "mediocre" being.

  colour can make some lips looking wonderful,some roses being brilliants, a twilight-romantic one,but a shape: lugubriouse one!you've succeded it! and thats artistry!


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