The Maniac.

Frantic blood waded past the vein,
in despairing rage, streamed abrupt to the head.
trembling he fell,sinking, shaking and slowly,
in overpowered blackout, the eyes seemed to met.

crumpling he foraged to unleash his magical sword,
with shaking hands and torrid beats , he struggle,
What doomed on the Maniac sudden! what he's bent upon,
rummaging his rainbow dreams, which the Heavens still prattle!

Dunking the hot- head in water, cold, as cold one can feel,
the heat of psyche's boiled the water, as the moron lay still
parted lips hung dried, broods from blue the Madness,
madness-the paper absorbing composed self to numbness.

lay the maniac pinioned by evils of rage,
inscribing words on the wall for his epitaph's essence.
where desires lay to see the sun before
the lunatic passes quietly, melting with the darkness..

Indrajit Ghosal.

My first lyric--(i think so.)

here i am, today so far you are,
lies life bleak in vapid bizarre,
Eyes still vision the holy figure,
In melees, in melanges,In far and near.
miles gone for eternal sabbatical- the sleep-
reminiscences only remain deeper and deep...

The hallowed face,for a second even,
stays in eyes alive,amid the brazen(s).
passes wearied days and nights though,
The big life denies to drag, ,to forgo.
cannot utter the pithies and pangs,unseen-
such hapless and hopeless, i had never been..

silence speaks, as red eyes from all I hide,
aeons and ages gone, that I laughed hard,
Tales of spring days, I still sight,
tales of tears i weave, night after night.

copyright(c)indrajitghosal 2007
Heartbreak !!

Sauntering in the solitude, befuddled I was to see,
A damsel, beckoning me to splendid charm, to break free-
From-the bustling life, it's aspersions and out of Hoi-pollois,
hiding myself, somewhere beneath those soothing eyes.

I sawlife, in all hues, in myriad hopes umpteen,
I build a castle there, serene, and with all sheen,
Distancing from all, basked i in those alluring Eyes,
Hoping to see life there, out of it's ugly sighs..

dashed were my dreams, for how an idiot was I !
the eyes turned the other way, leaving me Dry,
Fool I may have been, slighted I am,
To fall for deceit ,admiring eyes of sham.
Reverie broke and i woke with a lesson worse,
To avert the eyes, beneath which
lay long passages of Curse...

Indrajit Ghosal.

copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal
Saved Wishes for My Daughter...

One dream, I still Dream,
for you, my sweet daughter.
That you grow , and grow Mighty,
Beyond the Sublime zenith yonder..

Hold my Hands feeble, and here we go,
to the seas, to mountains, to the Springs and more,
To the rains , to the valleys of green,
together, to our delights , we'll explore..

I'll ride you to my secret world,
Which is for The special few
Where I dwell with memories of yore,
This time, -I'll visit with You.
There are pains , there are joys,
There are pathos profound,
In my world, there's also sweetness with You
also, there's memories Divine and Sound..
One Dream, I still Dream,
For you, My sweet daughter.....

Hide and seek ,we'll play,
I won't know the Places you hide,,
Every game you Win, mate.
let me cherish your joyous Sight.
We'll slide pass most beautiful books, and
dunk on best foods, with gifts regale,
On our way, we'll pack some
for them: On the Roadside They Dwell.
One Dream, I still, Dream,
With You.............My Dear Daughter..

We'll pray to our God,
To The God, whom No one else pray,
we'll swim in muds and ponds,
Care not we, wht the Onlookers Say.
We'll make our rules and we'll do break,
We'll smell the morning mist
and howl at the Loudest beat,
Dinner plates wd scatter to pieces around,
and then , we'd feel sorry,
regretting the "Rebel" Deed.
one Dream , I still Dream for You,
For You, my chweet Daughter..

I'll grace you conducts and manners,
and rules to abide by,
"Such Saintly this li'l angel"
your grooming evoking awe to passers-by.
I'll make new rhymes, and sing for you, Lullabies,
Crooning Life-lessons to your ear,
While you sleep, as I caress your mane,
Painting GoodNIght Kiss on the Cheeks there..

Will you sing lullabies, sweetheart?
when , my journey, will meet the end,,
Remember me, will you?, as a friend and a Father,
Everynight, Your "GoodNight Kiss", wherever i be,
, please Do Send

One Dream I still Dream
where are you , my daughter.............................?

Indrajit Ghosal
A Dream of a 24 yr old Mortal that he had visioned when he was 19yrs,
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal
in the dark..

'twas pitch dark, when lights went off,
Blackness swallowed guts, in tones of scoff.
I shiver, crumble, Night turned so eerie-
The soul strangulated, in Dark room scary.

They saw me-The dirty dark deadly Devils,
Alone i tremble, groping for Unknown evils.
Where to hide, where to seek the Light ?
To shrug the scare, to dance to life's Delight..

In one deep corner, to hide,shivering I ran
Fear, perspire reigned on the Fractured state's clan.
There they come! hark! I hear them all---
Trumpeting on my Breathing Corpse ,hurrying for Burial..

I feel choked, Am I Dying?
I gasp for air,I am Crying !

now ,Who the Hell, jives on my plight??
Playing tune familiar -to this pityful sight...!
Oh It's Morn, My evergreen nemesis chimes along.
Yes, I am Alive ! waking up to nature's song.
That was a dream, .or no that was not.
I remain in dreams awake.
So where was i caught??

Indrajit ghosal..
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

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