Why should I seek forgiveness?
You chose me as the unfaithful!
My Lord, my Hero, you knew it all,
My betrayal you foresaw,
you also,foresaw your crucifixion.

I bore the hatred, I lived them all,
Mercy- you stripped me too,of my pride,
Thirty pieces of silver maketh a Traitor-
Condemnation- The price I paid
while you hatched a plot for Eternity!!

You were the one who once befriended,
and honored the Son of a Man, My Lord,
Time graced the son of God Immortal ,
while I, your loved Judas - accursed;
My Lord, my Hero, you knew it all.

This is obviously a fictional poem. Additionally this is my 100 th post. Thanks for everything all of you.
Indrajit Ghoshal

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    gr8....i shud whistle 4 dis one...:)


    Isn't this an honest human confession before God of all our sins? Yes, these words could be universal.
    Cheers my friend!


    deep profound thoughts!


    very profound! loved the thought of this one... This is absolutely the way to mark the 100th post!

    Hope the profundity reaches new heights in 2010...

    A very Happy New Year!


    Congrats Man!!

    It has been great coming to your blog and reading your work!

    Happy New Year!


    I'm not sure, but I don't feel I can connect with the lines fittingly. The 'why' I think lies in the fact that the lines,

    You were the one who befriended,
    and honored the Son of a Man, My Lord,
    The Son of God hallowed as the Immortal,
    & I, your loved one Judas- accursed;
    don't quite make sense. Because God as you said chose you as unfaithful, but incredulously he still befriended you. Because you are The Son of Man in the lines, I suppose. And even if He knows then what?
    The lines which I could rather connect,
    Why should I seek forgiveness?
    Condemnation- The price I paid
    The ones I find still difficult to link up:

    Thirty pieces of silver maketh a Traitor-
    & I, your loved one Judas- accursed;
    because it's hard to be deemed as unfaithful, friend and accursed simultaneously.

    And how's life, bro? For the mo, I'm busy so my blog's out of sight, out of mind...


    Krishanu - Appreciate your observation.

    Here's my 2 bits -> Judas was one of the 13 followers/disciples of Christ who was loved by him like any other followers. It was deemed honorable for him that Christ befriended him or rather chose him as 1 of his 13 pupils. Judas was perhaps stating this in retrospective. That Yes, it's you Christ who honored me as your disciple, and yet it turned out that eventually Christ became immortal while Judas was vilified for his act.

    2nd one- He gave away the information for 30 pieces of silver.

    Let me know if you have nay questions! Take care.


    You are tagged pal!

    Do your thing!

    Happy New Year!


    hey.. that was fab! i have always loved the Judas portion in the Bible! Somehow- Judas and Moses remain my favs. Never knew why.. So i totally loved this one..!

    Happy new Year.. n Congrats! for u'r 100th post!! :)


    our Divinity's needing..or....
    this is your amazing 100 th post....congrats....


    Loved it.. :)
    I was thinking of the whole situation from Judas perspective just the other day...

    Brilliantly used imagination! :)


    Don't want investigate what was happened and why happened, just enjoyed the thoughts and emotions he had been gone through and you made so easy to understand the feeling of a regretful soul....

    Wonderful work...


    Amazingly written , and well conversed thoughts ..!!!

    happy new year .... jiooo ..Joi Tara ,,!!


    Congrats for your 100th post ... 21 Canons salaami baba .. Boom Boom Doom ..!!


    I am going to comment again, since my earlier comment(which was incidentally supposed to be the 1st comment on this post) got lost in cyberspace !
    So here it goes:
    I think this piece is brilliant and fitting a 100th post.
    The lines flow from one to the other without a glitch, and the painful betrayal that a human feels at the hands of God is very much evident.
    cheers and keep 'em rolling!


    Congratulations on the 100th post!!
    Great poem.. as always..


    congratulation on ur 100th post ! ! god bless you !!


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