My paperboat has set sail,
roughing the storms and tumbles,
hinder not it's way tonight,
It's sailing , far from shambles.

The spirited wind cries hoarse,
Rain patters unfriendly guise,
Up and down and through the town,
My paperboat sways and rise.

Make way for it's fate tonight,
It sails past infinity.
Bearing the mast of victory -
to carve a mark in Eternity.


11 Sonatas:

    Beautiful poem...


    Beautiful and Sweet ..I loved it..!


    The poem itself is a beauty about the fragility of life. There is a reworking required here in the (tentative, incidental?) rhyme scheme.


    paperboats have always been my favorites and so are your poems. :)


    i loved the hidden meaning which it had


    May your paper boat reach its destiny.. amen ... :D


    How long do u spend with yourself? I am sure as much as u do with nature...physically or mentally. Your poems seem to flow so easily from your heart...may i say...quite an art!

    God bless...



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    a very sweet poem ..


    Only one question...when are you publishing?? :)


    This is really deep! :)


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