My Ghobchu writes.........

So do you miss calling me...
Running to the bricks and stone,
‘Ghobchu, come quick, it’s cold here,’
In wee hours, as cold waves moan?

I would follow, run past you,
Leading you inside your place,
My comfy home awaited,
To your legs, I buried my face.

So do you miss my breathe tonight..,
insecure quaking of my heartbeats?

‘you are strong, my fighter you are’,
You uttered as you missed few beats.
Layers of clothes over me,
I remained cuddled in your arms,
You put me inside my room,
Came every sec I raised alarms.

So do you miss my spirits,
Undoing your hurdles everytime?

‘this time I restrict your space’
Your prophecy failed, I cared a dime.
Everywhere I poohed and peed,
I was beyond your confines,
A tired you moped day and night
I knew you loved me oh! So deep.

So do you miss me banging ...
at your doors till you open?

‘ his inner strengths makes him bear’
You mused ‘ winters took his bros’.
You would never know I called,
Like I did in wee hours,
I took your love with me dear,
When it did me in- stern winters.

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    wow.. what a piece of poem.. god bless


    in a


    Loved this one! Now I know what my pet, Ross, must be saying... :D

    Very cute!


    this is such a heartfelt piece beautiful..made me all quaky inside :)


    He would knock on my door sometimes at 2,2.30 am, when I was back from work, if he had not been staying inside my place(our place) already since noon.
    So, 'wee hrs' has a mention. FYI


    oo etta sei ..jetar byapare bolchhiili .. Aaaha .. besh Bhalo .. likhechhis ..!!


    aww.....another register......but the same magical pen......


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