And why...

And why am I in the race?
Where did I fall behind?
No perspective, no say,
why I see the falling blinds.... falling and falling and falling?

When did the world left me?
Why don't I find a soul fonder.....
to sleep me through the rough tides?
and wake me with the kiss of life....deeper and deeper and further?

Where did my palace disappear?
Or is it the fog's treason....
veiling the palace like one erstwhile love...
buried snowdeep, going, going and .... gone?

P.s - Just an imagination. The snow would give way to the light.AMEN.

12 Sonatas:

    ...confusion....balance trembling ... strong feeligs....amazing situated on your paper.....


    that's when the snow blankets a place and all you could see is white, zero visibility...but hopeful of the coming of new light...

    and it goes on with out emotions...:)

    lovely poem Indrajit!


    nice perspective...i found this line unsettling: "When did the world left me?"... Shouldn't the tense be 'leave'?
    Other than that, nice to see a new style of ur writing


    Ya 'leave' it shd be. I found it after posting & cud not care to come back n change. Thanks for checking though. :)


    something we all feel sometime...


    I like the imagery the phrase, "the fog's treason" made on my mind. As usual it is nice but with an undertone of sadness/confusion.

    And again I wish u well and may I soon sense happiness in your verse. :-)


    I confess that I am puzzled by this poem. I didn't quite catch its direction. It could be the mood I'm in. Need to read it through again some other time.
    Cheers my friend!


    A lyrical soliloquy ... liked it ..!! [:)]..!!


    "It’s all life dear, the journey ought to continue…" disz wat i feel lyk utterin at da moment... lol... 3idiots ka woh dialogue yaad a gaya whr amir was spkng to the foetus "dn cm out... itz a circus out"... u r a rat... same wid me... just race is common, n cheese is wat we're lacking... mite b we've left dat cheese biting phase a long tym bk... sigh... n smile



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    eita pore kichukhun amar mukh ta :O :O hoechilo.. wow.. Shakespeare in the making !!


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