The circle of life.

Time just fades to the next tide,
seconds transit to make an hour,
another breathe melts with the dark,
the circle of life goes on.

A passage of life from innocence,
Thames flows to the song of youth,
Return to the wombs would Thames one day,
the circle of life then would resume again

Indrajit G.

8 Sonatas:

    True ! very True :)


    A very profound thought through very simple lines! You are a magician with words my friend! Keep writting.


    Yes life has to be like so....and its all who make your day...



    very true...till a point....


    not your usual! a bit stilted in the flow...but the theme is thoughtful.


    I love the mataphors in this poem. As usual, great work!


    *another breathe melts with the dark*.... only u can think of such things. i salute you.


    THe end is always a new beginning. The fact of life. Good job.


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