O Santa !

To the homes that know no Christmas,
To the ruffians , that know no Home,
To every lonely breath beneath the flyovers,
Santa, you remain a myth, an elusive clone.

To the riches and well-heeled you grace,
in real, with gifts and mischief-ladened face,
to the blessed ones, with fortunes you bless,
and jive with carols and bells to showcase.

O santa, don't you see in those dingy lanes,
Poverty dwells in monstrous shame,
Married with agony , marred by fate,
bereaved of the taste of Christmas cake .

Santa, please show up at every other door,
let them all peek into your gift's galore,
The myth be abandoned, for once let them say,
"Yes, Santa came here in a one horse open sleigh."

Indrajit ghosal
Copyright(c)reserved 2007

12 Sonatas:

    Ohh simply beauty of simplicity encased in honest thoughts and strong intention!
    I take it as a bit of cake from u on this eve :)
    well said... i wish Santa's ears were kept open to hear ur words :(
    keep penning dear poet :)


    That one,inspires me much compassion....yes,Santa not will came to any door!....and that one ,can be a a sorrowful Chrismas picture.


    tht touched a chord...though i didnt agree wid the concept of the elusive clone


    This was so well written and touches hearts :):)


    True... the ones who really need a 'Santa' probably never heard of him!


    MerrY ChriStmaS dEar SaNtA...Orre Jio Ki likhechhis ..darun ...KOBI KOBI ..Chobi Kore diyechhis ..!!

    25th e Cake KHas BAABA ..JOI mAA..!


    arrgghhhh ! Ami santa noi Mindspace chokra... Oy chiro-briddhor jonmodin dec25 noy.;-(.


    beautiful!!!! ur every poem provides a different view...n dis one's also proving it...gr8 job!!!


    How powerful is this poem, my friend, and very actual. I simply loved the flow and the rhyme!




    you write just awesome man!!


    "Married with agony , marred by fate,
    bereaved of the taste of Christmas cake."

    awesome lines... bravo!


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