When Eyes Close
Wee hours of night,
Disappears in front of the Eyes,
Trying to drift away, I found,
Elusive sleep hard to come by..
As closing the Eyes , I see,
You stand somewhere near to Me..
& I'll wait for all such Nights;
Entire life , to see that Cheerful glee.
Come soon, and no worry,
in this moment,, i want to tell,
Night wont end, day wont come,,
and with You, towards Dream ,we'll sail..-
Away, away, and away,
from the murky philistines around,,
reaching zenith of Beauty,,
with peace, and joy abound..
So much to tell you,
My angst, My agonies..
You know, it's when I felt low---
When I was on my Knees..
To heal my soars, My frantics,
It was you, whom I Miss..
Pleasant thoughts and my times of highs,,
Of course, were a few..
Whenever i came across anything Nice,,
I thought , Gosh, I was With YOu (!!!)
This Night will end,, only
when I My Eyes open----
No, I am fine with eyes close,,
With You, My abode Is
More than heaven...

Indrajit Ghosal..
COPYRIGHT(C)2006 indrajit ghosal

4 Sonatas:

    wonderphull ..awesomely romatic..


    ..who is she ..??? ...
    Romantisism at its peek..!!


    just.....no comment!


    ...dont open your eyes!cause the DaY will take out the sins of your magical night!...YOU KNOW SOME?.... nobody will bear tempt happiness.....only the moon,may be....


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