Hide me in the cloak of Darkness,,
I fear ,being in lights of Gloom..
Hide me amid clouds of sweetness,
I fear , being lost in Bitter doom.
Hide me with a swirl of presence,
I fear being nabbed in the Past.
Hide me in the Veil of Sleep ,
I fear , to wake to see ,Die is Cast,.
Hide me from Those EYES, that enchant,
I fear , I may loose A Tear or two.,
Hide me from the sight of the Angels,
I fear, one day, I may Miss the divine Hue.,
Hide me O God,from all Impure, Untrue,
I fear, my sojourn's plight would only Accrue.,
Indrajit Ghosal..
copyright(c)2006 indrajit ghosal

5 Sonatas:

    A very good poem..but it unveils all the anonimity that overcasts you..!!


    amazingly written, 1 of ur best till date


    what a beauty this poem is

    wow too gud pal


    A deep and touching call for God in our Life, a constant search for the divine in us. How fragile we are, how human and down-to-earth are our aspirations when we pray and meditate. This eternal struggle to return to our holy home, from the day we come to this world, all is written here! Good job!



    ...it is like a prayer, and who pray ,haes God in heart!you will be protect with His kindness'wings....


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