Looking for Father
"Your Dad would come soon,
with loads of toys Sweetheart.
Wipe the tears, cheer up now".--
They said , as They depart..
Four days passed," where's dad, mother?"
I asked in alarming voice.
"I s the shop too far, that he went so far,
to look for toys of my choice".
Mother went away, quietly,
Tears smeared all over the face..
She wasn't like that I know..
I know the smiles she would showcase---
when dad would come home,
when I made a mark in Class,,
Lo, teaqrs have cast a shadow, now,,
On her smile , with an evil flash.
There's the Bed , where father would lay,
In lazy noons, he do cared,
As I sat there studying hard,
IN front of the Eyes , a bit scared.
Today, he's not here,but
there I see a change,,
He must be happy, to see him FRamed,
Bearing flower beads, of all range..
I see mother, staring there,day and night,
I dont know why?
"he'll come,, " I consoled her,
" I am there for you,, Please don't Cry.
'She looked at me,, she never looked soo pale.
.with a choked voice resonating the room,,
she muttered in great pain..
"He won't come dear,
he's gone far , far , and away.
In search of toys he went out,
,In roads of Heaven , He's gone Today.
""there you see him gazing down high in the sky"..
As mom pointed a bright star,lit in the Sky.
--i said as we looked there,
and the night, Passes by .....and passes by.
.Indrajit Ghosal..---

assuming the pitiful state of one 7-8 yrs kid, whose father, passed away,, probably in a blast,and his poignant, yet innocent questionings to his mother..His eagerness,, evokes sympathy, something worse than that,,,This insignificant Bard was all tears , while making this piece.it was 11th of sep, 1:06 am when I completed this Oeuvre,, and laid griefstricken, numbed for few hours."

3 Sonatas:

    Awesome...lovely..u r such a dear poet..
    "so much compassion in u
    ..i never knew .."


    hmmmmmmm painfull
    actully we cant comment on such peices as they are beyond anyones comments
    such deep feelings


    ...this insignifiant Bard ,crushed me other tears...I dont know for whom: for a child waiting for his father lost throught the stars,for you drowned in your tears writing , or for doubt of todaylife after sept,11....Your tears are wing of creation ......


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