Please Forgive Me
In the mirror of the Sun, ushering gleam of Light,,
I see you..
I see you, amid swathe of clouds, peeping down,,
with splendid hue..
I know, the raindrops are The Ambrosia of my soul,,
you offer..
The Pain releases, as the cold breeze touches Soul,,
with sublime platter..
I see your Divine Figure, as twilight draws near,,
in the Most beautiful Sleigh...
And I wish, you be there, in the Twilights of my Life,,
with me every single day....
In the simmering Moon,, I see you,, calming down,
my rages and highs...
I see your twinkle, mystic smile alluring Horizon,
as the Night flies...
When darker the Times, you're the one holding,
Candlees of sublime HopE.and Patience.,.
I see you in my Finer moments, , Finer,,,AS they dazzle
with your glorifying Presence...
I sense happines , Unbridled,as I see you closest,,
when I Close my Eyes...
I feel robbed of treasury,as why you are not as close,,when
Eyes open to their Surprise..
When I Sleep, I hear you crooning Lullabies,
close to My ears.
I feel proud and joyous,, for you made me
Grow beyond years..
And as you go to sleep,, in the veil of my love,,
I Mutter In Your ears too.....
Please Forgive Me,, As I can never
Stop Loving YOU............
Indrajit Ghosal..
A short Paean for The Enlightened,, whom I have seen, Heard, And Walked Into the LighT
copyright(c)2006 indrajit ghosal.

4 Sonatas:

    you might get a Noble Prize ...keep going :-)


    One of the Splendid poems ever read...!!
    Go on my dear friend..!!

  can stop the wish of reading you......


    the last line was amazing


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