Wrote it almost a year ago-

Time skipping in breathless flow,
amid the screaming void in soul,
in nothingness the soul remains,
Life,drags in stillness and slow...

Oh Beethoven , you, yes you!
come out with your sonatas a few,
Play them till I nurse my soul,
away from void ,living anew.

Begum Apa , where's your Thumri , lady?
the one you sung once in royale court,
bring the moist rain in your melodies,
to drench my follicles in Springs float..

You O Mystic Sufis , sing once more,
to the Almighty's grace and beauties.
let me dissolve in the sublime love,
and absorb in arms of Beloved's Bounties.

Copyright(c)Indrajit Ghosal 2009

O Heart!

Bruised O heart ! why wary you be,
Colors sputtered in red so long!
Havoc outlived your recesses,
Alive! O How you can still be?

Hit and mishit, the game is on,
in pieces of slivers you breathe,
aren't you hurt the most O heart?
Heart O heart ! How there You still live?

Loved and disowned, in spite's cauldron,
What madness makes you so calm.
They came for you again, you Loner!
O Mercy be upon your soul.

Dissolve , disappear run I say!
for you must live and live O please!
Scream in in the rage of reddish glow,
you aren't beaten, no you are not.

Copyright(c) reserved Indrajit Ghosal 2008

Your Guardian - A lyric

Love me now, the time is this girl,

O You ,in my arms merrily curl,

Unleash the dreams all that we've seen,

let's go to places,we've always been.

Fingers entwined in timeless innocence,

You be mine, in the heart's recesses,

Hold me deepest in your embrace,

let not the morrows find a place.

Nothing is meant forever Alas!

It’s only now that we possess,

Love would hold my voyage ever true,

Thn Love me now, hold this moment true.

For who knows when tomorrow dawns,

and you find me in your faraway song,

The lilting breeze I might ever be,

kissing your hair, but you can't see.

My love then would rain impassioned droplets,

Whenever you turn restive in pain,

Trust me,I would be your morning sun ,

Your joyous gateway of life, your guardian.

Indrajit Ghosal

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