Movie Review- Ghajani

The super-hyped movie (much thanks to the curiosity garnered by Amir Khan's 8 pack abs sculpted raw power) finally released to the packed cineplexes all over.The film rode high on it's shrewd marketing prowess and of course the latest avatar of Amir Khan, that rendered the masses almost into hysteria.
However, amid all the blitz of marketing and hype surrounding the movie, the plot did not deliver anything close to the preludes being spilled everywhere.
Nevertheless, the film would be a hit.
The film begins with a psychotic buzz -cut Amir, groping around in his own world of amnesia, falling, tumbling after every 15 mins to recall the moments past,to recall his immediate purpose etc unless he finds it scribbled in his notepads, shot in his cam or tattooed allover his body.
(Btw, he suffer's from Short term memory loss.. and we were also told that he remembers everything for 15 mins... and then he forgets.... So is this aptly the 'Short term memory loss' ?- a pertinent question raised by my friend.)

Sanjay (Amir Khan) had a beautiful life-what with a high profile MD of a Cell co and a beautiful girl - all of which was devastated by Ghajini- a monster criminal, who killed his girl and left him with severely hammered blows on his head and a wriggling pain in his heart.
And that marked the unflinching desire of Amir to avenge the killers.
With the disability in remembering anything for not more than 15 mins, he continues in the path of vengeance and succeeds.Redemption is achieved and then again he forgets everything around.
The film oscillates in flash backs with the diary written by a plush Amir about his glory days and comes back to the present vengeful Amir.
The film had some violent sequence in the actions part, a few almost gory.
Whosoever had said that Amir is not suited for action sequences should eat their words now.
The songs especially Guzarish is pretty nice but for me what tops is the slow version of a song.
Other songs are just forgettable.
The movie is also a yawningly drag at places, like the Girl children racket sequence and some unnecessary scenes. 3 hrs is long and could have been reduced atleast 30 mins of it.
The story promises nothing special in it too.
The southie girl Asin appeared confident in her role of a struggling model (who made it big by spinning yarns of her affair with the MD when Amir had no clue- this part is makes the film lighter and mellow) and Amir's flame.An uprightly decent debut. Especially the 'wait-until-dark' kind of sequence , with she hiding to escape the killers, scared for her life speaks a lot of the niceties in her acting.
The villain forms the weakest link to the film, what with a pot belly Gujjar accent mouthing monster- such samples suit best in the South. It was a big dampener, and the movie being named after such a callous criminal does not augur well.
However, it's Amir's portrayal of a psychotic good hearted soul lurking to avenge the killer was fantastic. The inmost turmoils of the broken soul, the rage and revenge ,the extreme restlessness, the cold, indifferent stare -when he's lost to translate his purpose every time- evoked sympathy.
The climax when the monster was taken to task by the teary-eyed protagonist said it all- how much has the soul suffered for the loss and how much the heart continued to burn within.
Avant garde expressions there.
One time watch-worthy- simply for the buzz-cut Amir Khan's expressive, on the edge performance.

I rate--- *** out of 5.

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    I've been hearing loads abt Ghajini..and nearly everyone is rating it 3 or 3.5 out of I suppose it should be a movie of substance..
    Happy new year btw!


    hmmm...thanks 4 tht review...helped me realise, not my kind of movie


    hmmm...thanks 4 tht review...helped me realise, not my kind of movie


    Thanks for the review.. i have seen this movie in Telugu and loved it.. hope i can enjoy the hindi version too.. :)



    ...Ive seen the movie, thanks to ''torrent'' internet program ...if it is rated only by 3 or 3,5 I wander how could be one of 5 rating....Im sure it was a real event of our Modern times,no matter if here or in India, love was the same as well as Cruelity or Primitivness are!.....SONGS?love its self is a song.....


    me still searching the answer of y short term??


    me still searching the answer of y short term?? :p


    there were few loopholes which.. u r very right about the villian.. he is not as effective to take the title name


    Its a cool movie, a real contrast to the theme of Rab ne...I liked both, Ghajini-3.5 and Rab ne-3.75


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