Fading into the corridors
of unchartered lands-
What is it?
The mind grippped
with weakening ecstasy
numbed to understand.

Slowly , slowly sinks- the mind
in deepened hollow- to a faraway land..
powerless the carcass floats
in the lands of oblivion.

Is it the Truth or Illusion?
truth or illusion.....

The breathe is no more heard-
while dissolving into the void
of inhuman proposition.
The lurking sigh pronounces
'Human, a mere human.'

Is it the truth or illusion?
truth or illusion.....

Indrajit Ghosal

13 Sonatas:

    truth or illusion ...whatever it is.. it seems to beautiful and peaceful. and do i need to tell u that ur poem made me feel so?? :p

    yes i am drugged now..n m loving ech moment of this Bliss. blame it on ur poem it drugged me... :) :D

    write more often. i wanna get drugged in d future too... i loved this ecstasy:)


    an answer im yet to find

    good one


    wonderful.... I can almost touch the truth and illusion at the same time through your poem.. just wonderful..


    illusion it is...

    nothing is as it seems is the only truth. :-)

    as usual beautifully penned.


    .....exploreing immaterial dimensions : truth and illusion....So....another creative action's of your spirit...and thats not an illusion.....


    Very deep!Good one.


    there's alwayzz much more to everythn than da naked eye can c n xplore.. wat v thnk v know is our truth,, but illusion at da same time.. tatzz jst my two cents.. :-)

    nifty lines.. make u thnk.. :-)


    Beautiful, simply ethereal!


    mind blowing


    This ain't a poem ,its a composition of words being stitched together ,to cater the feelings behind the Utopian journey that gradually inhales you inside and then catapults straight high to complete numbness , a master pieces ..! Jiooooooooo Jiooooo ..great ..!


    I'm totally in sync with Preeti's thoughts..even if its an illusion,its ethereal..so let it remain, and enjoy it until it lasts..

    Going to follow your blog,buddy..
    Merry Christmas!


    This comment has been removed by the author.


    Illusion is the state i'm in now :P
    truth is that till now indra is an unrecognised Shelly .....
    Merry X-Mas my friend :)


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