Some silly Gyan ----

Well, i thought for a change ,especially when the poetic inspirations seem to elude,
i could exercise my few living grey cells into some other enclaves, may be distributing
some Gyaan to all of you and in turn , await contributions, if any, from your side..

The topic that I am going to anoint myself with is not indicated towards any particular joints,
establishments or outlets..It's all about some observations and some experience.

Well, we all go for outings , some alone, some towed with solitude, some with friends, to
any renowned coffee shops, restaurants etc to have a good eating out experience and have some nice moments
for keepsake times or for sheer liberating experience.

Now, how often have you got the bill? Or how often have you felt something wrong in your drink or
your foods?? How often you felt irked by the way an extra item has been added on to your bills without
your notice? And how often u have not got the standards of stuffs up to your expectations??

Hmm, let's start this way.. All organisations of such ilks are into business that turns tactful salesman/team members into a ruthless bunch of puppets of the company norms and with their manager breathing on their neck, hankering for sales , up sales, up-up-sales, less wastage etc, they involve themselves into hardcore selling , sometime at the expense of their patrons annoyance or a feeeling of unfulfilment.

Now, whenever you decide to buy something from the pastry cooler/ food display shelf, try to buy or order the staff to provide you with the stuffs,that are Towards your side, not the one closer to them... The one which is towards you would always be fresh... In spite of the display , if he/she leaps towards the fridge , then you know he is trying to move
the old stocks..These stocks should have been dumped as per company policy, but They would try to reduce the wastage factor.
(Chalo, ek target to achieve hua, ab watt kam lagega---all are into saving their backs u see.)
And BTW , stand there till he dishes out what u wanted , right the one towards your side in the display, and not the one closer to Him..
Then you would see, frequent up selling tactics, huge boards notifying the Best Drinks, the Hottest Moving Items
with fancy exaggerations, hmm.. Okay now The hottest selling items never needs upselling strategy, eg a cappuccino wud always sell( taj Mahal---do we need to upsell that?)...
The reason is simple----move out the old stock asap so that they get saved from the glitch of poor ordering and get rid of the stock before it's expiry date.
Or the item concerned must be darn expensive or The item is newly launched and is not moving at all..
When u do not get bill, one reason is the poor staff must have forgotten---ideally thinking...
However, there's more to it than meets the eyes. On counting cash , it was found that the sales figure in the system is not equal to the actual cash... So , you got the drift, i feel..
On up selling, esp during rush hours, they would suggest "toppings" citing reasons as " It tastes awesome" or "it would add great taste sir, believe me"..

And they would scornfully(somtimes) think," So tell me sucker how shall i swindle u,with x topping, or y topping, say no and see i have other options." They wont tell you the add on is priced and is not free. (it's business u see!! ) and U jump out of your seat to see an added syrup or cream to your kitty..
So ask if it's charged extra, and see his face(well here i am talking about any zealous , stubborn guy, desperate to impress his manager, wont easily leave you)
Let me keep some more for the next posts, with me...
yes be good to them, they are serving you on every occasions, celebrations, away from their families .
Just play clever....
Hope you like it.

If u have anything to top this write up, as an add on, i won't mind that...
Your feedback , experiences if any, are awaited...
Bye for now..

8 Sonatas:

    Well, Indrajit, this is an interesting flight from poetry. And there is nothing poetic here but the pure consuming spirit of the world, promoted by the frenzy stock sales strategies to give way to new products on the store's shelves. Unaware customers may me deceived in many ways into buying things they don't really need. But again, that is the way of the world nowadays, were everything (yes everything!) is necessarily recyclable and dispensable.


    hmmm... a good one.
    but i like ur poetries d more :)


    ....well, what happened with your Muse?....cause ,now [only in my opinion , and I REPEAT IT !]my comment is about that already classical topic:ethical values are left-over,speechless.Now,our components's life are:humiliation,lying,hypocrisy,cheat,MONEY;they are no limits ,they became prioritys and are implemented in a ''truth''[which one?]like a virtue.... Its about that irresistible money- rush !! our trivial life, is redused only at tomorwday-security !Sorry,may be im wrong!..........


    I think we all have had these kind of experiences. We just need to act tactfully from these mischievous fellows. I once had an experince of buying some vegetables in the market. The shopkeeper started replacing the vegetables one by one with not so good ones, on the pretext of not matching the weight & after I complained then once again had to select the fresh ones. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It will be useful to lot of us.


    My dear Brother.. i'm glad you are not one of those suckers...who fall for the traps of the Sale...

    But I believe it a world dying... and there are some who don't even care, most of whom just want to stand witness to it all and a very few who want to rescue it....

    I have no say today...for I believe in the old saying if you dont watch ure step u will stumble... but may be that stumble early on will save us our fall...

    so lets eductaed the people... after all its a cut troat world..out ther...And only if you know how to tame the beast u will be the safest person on earth..

    so make everyone accountable... beacuse i thats what i choose to do....


    gr8 buddy good to hear all this gyan

    i knew its coming from a reliable source :):)


    Haha! So true! The little items that are added to the bill, esp when you go in large numbers is something that is quite common.. good post..


    a nice change..and some rather useful gyaan..

    above scenario has happened wid me in ccd many times


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