And so The Candle Dies.....

The slender gait, the burning glow,
shapely shining, the waxes flow,
I said "Lights" and lo! the candle beams,
escape from dark, to lights I spring.

Flickers and trembles, shy and sudden,
the candle coy, with elusive smokes,
that rises from blue in stately flames
burns itself: wax freezes to an eternal still.

Then the flame aspires for one mighty leap,
it rises and stays ecstatically high, one last time,
before the last drop of candle melts with the passing dark,
lying low, amid it's own frozen wax, a faint glow,
it crumbles and crushes in it's debris, near my eyes
a splendid show over, as i see the candle dies..

indrajt ghosal

18 Sonatas:

    Just beautiful...I like the depth in the words & the feelings it evokes...wonderful lines!


    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee candles n this poem was just so lovely

    to detail !!


    loved the description and the flow .... well expressed



    gr8 indra..never before has somebody narrated the life span of a candle in such a touching way....keep up the good work....all the best..

  every End,you made iven candle's death an overpowering moment :under your eyes,the slender candle become a faint twilight in own pallid frosty wax .Its consumption'instant impressed and made me think,at our ''show over'':just like a candle's !!!!


    Exquisite ! Lively description.


    Aside from the splendid structure, flow and rhyme scheme, this poem reminded me of the need to dream, to set alight a flame until the last gasp of life. Beautiful words!


    @ kalyan

    Thanks for the constant encouragement.

    @ Alok,
    gr8 to have you here.

    atlast , comment korar time peli baba, bah bah...;-)

    Thank u mam.

    Glad that u graced here sir, again.

    @ JP,
    Oh! I never know that this poem also has a different perspective, unless you scribed here..y Honor..


    the poem is too good to make any comment. loved every bit of it. i hv a bad habit of visualising things and just because of your beautiful lines i was actually visualising a candle burning to death.

    not to mention about the depth and truth of life that u have expressed so well with a candle. it md me to think "is the life of all living beings any diff from a candle?"

    excellent poetry. kp writting.

    tk cr
    pree :)


    aftr reading d poem 4 2nd time.. i gt a diffrnt perspective...that is the splendind show is not over..the candle completed it's one phase that is it completed it's life with a glory...nw it has entered into another world to conquer it with its flame forever put off ...

    he he don't knw what i wrote rite nw...just felt all this aftr reading it agn...n m damn sure i will find something new..after reading it 4 d 3rd time..
    so dont gt shocked if i am commenting hr agn with n all new perspective to it. :)

    tk cr
    :) :) :)


    i loved the way u described the entire life of the candle


    @ preetilata
    Am actaully flying after the 2nd comment..Never thought it in this way,yes it cud have entered into another world, perhaps to be where it belonged to, perhaps to be at Home.

    @ Swatimala
    thanks for your unbridled appreciation, as always..


    Other poems provide shelter to a burning candle out of poetic interest or empathy but your poem is rather... what should i say... although it was from the perspective of an observer... it was no less than the candle's own voice... well, i need to play with the essence to xplore.. may be another new dimension...
    cheers n smile :)


    you penned it down so nicely as if you have virtually made the candle to endure its martyrdom.


    A candle's Saga..

    Said so aptly..

    i liked it very much...Indr..


    I love the fact... that u give life to non living things so beautifully. was actually able to feel the phases of a candle's life :)

    keep up the flow of words...


    Such deep lines!

    Life is so similar to a burning candle..



    Liked the flow and expressions.

    keep it rollin;)


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