Forgive Me ,Once More..

no, never would the sweets be stolen,
from all your secret places i know,
I promise not to bug Grandpa-
when he drifts to his siesta's dose.
Never would I come from games after dusk,
and your son would do as you say..
and i wont turn grumpy, time and again-
please come back now , if you may..

nor would I cry watching my other kindergarten pals cry,
or squeeze my toothless sister's cheeks, till she howls and cries,
and lace her face with her spews, no fuss i would display.
Never would i hide granpa's cap or scribble in his diary,
come back please, i can't wait no more,
for the last time,Granny- forgive me, once more..

Indrajit Ghosal

7 Sonatas:

    Jothesto poetic :)
    "Never would I come from games after dusk" - mone pore gelo onek ager kichu bikel.. cycle e kore bat niye beriye portam.. sondhe hoye jeto firte... haha..
    "sweets be stolen"- ekhono kori ei kukajta ;)
    "squeeze my toothless sister's cheeks, till she howls and cries"- xactly eta naholeo erokom upodrob amio korechi :P
    "for the last time, forgive me, once more" khub valo ending...
    Erokom aro "otota poetic noy.... emni liklam aar ki... " gocher lekha porar asay thaklam...
    :-) smile...


    A sweet mixture of innocence , mischief and love


    not only was tht poetic, it was straight 4m ur heart...beautiful


    ....sometimes, we need Forgivness for reseting our peace when we loose o lovely person; is important to can pass at the next iscarry, when we recuperate all we learned and loved from that lovely person.........That person marked your beeing ,for ever Indra!.....


    a garland of adjectives for you ..for this poem ..!

    Splendid..superb..sweet...beautifull..awesome....and still lot more to come..!


    how cud she not forgv u indro. no parents can do so. n she's ur sweet granny. btwn d poem is wonderful. its a wonderful tribute to ur granny. it's not possible 4 hr to cm bk but her presence will thr b with u alwys n thats whr the strength of any relationship lies. wherever she is she must be happy n pround to hv a grandson like u. this is the best gift any grandchild cud ever gv to his/her granny.

    the poem is just incredible.

    kp writting n be happy alwys.

    tk cr :)


    full of life..

    i was reminded of my granny!


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