Goodbye Bob.....

(For Mr Woolmer,a south african , and Pak coach, who died under mysterious circumstances during the World cup '07)

The bells that chime in twilights mellow,
proclaimed a depart,bading the last show,
sojourn, so long, harked with the last beat,
flew the soul miles, life's sun to horizon meet.

Of bouquets, and stress of mundane bustles,
of brutal tides and bonds: of daily rattles,
of glories to Nations to the peaks atop,
of losses, of lashes by the fickled crop.

A life that spelt many a sporting boon,
vacates, with a void tune of sorrow to croon.
Peace at last, the Coach left for a New life,
in Eternity, to breathe Bliss, away from mortal's strife.

Indrajit Ghosal

21 Sonatas:

    strange that you thought about it after so many months....a truly unfortunate adn now seemingly forgotten incident....
    kudos to you for reminding us abt Mr. Woolmer!!


    excellently put, as usual


    Veryyyyyyyy intersting
    loved the words used here
    have a deep feel left on the mins


    A well deserved tribute to such an important sports person. Good job!


    beautifully written elegy!


    Such a touching eulogy!


    of glories to Nations to the peaks atop,
    of losses, of lashes by the fickled crop.

    True to the word buddy!! LOved it!


    This is an wonderful poem dedicated to an wonderful person...Nicely written!


    Hey great work!! U need a talent to put urself in other's shoes and write.. amazing work!!


    waah..really nice..just a slight correction...Mr. Woolmer was an Englishman and not a South African..but that doesnt stop the poem from being excellent..


    An excellent tribute...:) i see you are experimenting with themes now..
    :) great work!


    Chamatkar.. baba ..!!
    Woolmer Benche thakle..uuni...nijeo ..kobita pore dhonno hoe jeten ..!!Bhagoban oor Aatmar Santi dik ...!
    Bhagoban mongol korun..joi Maa ..!..Maa!!


    Ore Mindspace Chokra !!!!
    Uni beche thakle je ei shroddhanjoli bastobayito hoto na re... E to Maa Birohinir icchey, ja aami, Maa er ek tuccho nirbodh balok , protifolito korchi.....
    Aami to nimitto matro re khoka .
    Maa tor mongol korun baba !


    Amazing piece!


    beautiful words.
    I just hope his soul rests in peace. He was a good man, I have truly been sad because of his death. :(


    That was a disturbing incident.And a true tribute u paid to the forgotten hero.I really feel sad how everyone has forgotten it all.:-( The media and the respective authorities who were solving the mystery seem to have forgotten him:-(


    2 good fren.. it's d 1st time i visited ur blog..n m amazed. :)
    thnks 4 cuming 2 my blog n postng ur precious coming...
    n happy blogging
    tk cr
    :) :) :)


    beautiful...i dunno if beautiful z b de apt word here..yet itz a beautiful write n a beautiful thought! :)




    awesome man!! i mean how could u write such nice stuff every damn tym u write..


    ....atrocious reality of death,just in the midlle of life ,realised by you so soulful! I like it!


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