Colours of Red.

Red bedecked all corners,
with celebratious grandeurs.
Red were the cheeks blushing,
clad in sparkling red attire.
The palms reddened display,
forthcoming joys to surmount.
Red went the moist eyes sudden,
when the bygone days I recount.

Red were my doll's eyes,
to every bruises I would inflict -
red screamed the bonny cheeks
of the pains my hand would indict.
Red my eyes then,I thought, I deftly hide,
Red I blushed , when she nabbed at first sight.

Red ,those fingers little,
I once, holded in childish gaze,
I hold a red bangled hand now,
guiding her through the crowded maze.

Baptism rounds in vermillion holy,
witnessed the world and the red fire.
Empty howled my mind's house,
soon would die my teasing desires.

A part of me would empty lie,
yearning all the blabbers and smiles.
Heart will sing the paeans of past,
When she would have gone miles.

Indrajit Ghosal.


9 Sonatas:

    absolute beauty
    a fathers feelings so well expressed
    touched :)


    noooooo mam, no father .. :( :(
    Just imagining my kiddy sis's(she's 18-19 yrs and studying) marriage in future and musing over that time, tht's all..


    really touching, a brothers views r really expressed well


    heart felt..nice work... i too am a sucker whenit comes to family..:) keep it up!


    The words are gracefully singing to the poetry that comes deep from the heart ...!!


    This is what we call a poem in red!
    I loved reading this delightful text with all my soul.


    Beautiful!!!! Tooo good for words actually.:-)


    Great one! liked it so much... everything seemed so perfect... although i sudnt refer my work here, still i wud like u to read one of my poem 'spoiled fantasy' which carries da similar fragrance u'll surely feel... kp writing.


    Does a rainbow exists with only red nuances colour of feelings ? yes.....


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