My 1 year of Blogging
A Thanksgiving Note..

One year ago, when I sheepishly forayed with my first baby steps into the huge world of Blogging, little did I know that one day I would sit to spare some time in glorifying and thanking all those beautiful souls, who became my readers, enduring my work and also opinionating on them, by spending their precious time.

This is my token of gratitude for all splendid people , that include my School friends, my Blogger/orkut friends, acquaintances and others who could not comment or went away after a sneak-peek to the blog.I had never imagined Ever that I would get such overwhelming support from talents all across.And from people who are Masters in their own domain.
I am highly obliged and humbled for all their encouragement and for making my 1st year of blogging eventful.
A note of heartfelt thankfulness to
My School Friends---
Krishnendu (Nenu, aka mindspaceblogger)one of my few treasures , my sole partner in the murky rainy football field in school. He's a good writer himself.

Joyaditya(Lomri) whenever We meet , he would always say“Indro, lekhata charish Na, ar jai kor”(Don’t stop writing, whatever You do)Well, he is way ahead than me in his penmanship and humour. Those long, long walks with you I would always cherish boy.
Abhishek ( Odo)—his Blog inspired me to make one of my own. One of my appreciator.
i would also like to thank Sammy, Sandip(Rugo), Sandip B(Chorbi), Somnath M(Le!#ti)Somnath( Batli), Abhijit(Pahari baba).
me thank orkut to get them back esp to get back some dearest friends for life.

Now I take the opportunity to thank my orkut/blogger pals who have always been my regular readers and constant supporters.

Rashi Mam—One of the 1st lady blogger to comment on my post.
Shivraj( Shiv)—the 1st orkut friend to read my post.Also, a genius mind and an unconventional poet.I adapted his “Copyright©” to proclaim ownership.
Swatimala---a poet with an amazing sense of humour. Read her Posts to be in splits.
Shal---A Sufi poet and a virtuous lady.
Jean Pierre— a poet from Brazil and a wonderful person.
Thank u all. I am humbled and honored.Also I would include some more names like
Negi sir,.little writer,Punita, Akanksha,Vyas, Scribbler,AJ,Rya,Kalyan, Invincible,Stand by mind, Still searching, Priyanka, Poppinzz,Matangey Mawley, Arpit, Priyanka K ,Sridari ,Ankur, Tushit, Shivnita and many others who had ever visited my blog.

Your comments have always made my day and I felt a sense of gratefulness for All the praises.I couldn't have asked for more.I wish your Godspeed and may God bless you all.
Thank You so much.
And Thank you God.

Indrajit Ghosal.

13 Sonatas:

    Thats very sweet Indr :):)

    wishing u more luck and peace :):)
    keep pennin :)


    I am Overwhelmed with Pride Indro (Mian) have you as one of my greaaaa8888tt...friend....i have full belief in you that you will in the coming years be an iconic poet of the world.


    Thank you for your kind, moving words Indrajit. It shows the depth of your soul in all your relationships. Take care and God bless you always!


    Thank you for your kind, moving words Indrajit. It shows the depth of your soul in all your relationships. Take care and God bless you always!


    congratulations 4 completing 1 year and thank u so much 4 those comments!

    its a pleasure to read ur blog!

    keep writing



    arro... arro... arro bhalo likhe bst wishes r thr vid u.

    ur blog is just brilliant..u r n excllnt writter. kp it up

    (oh by d way i wud lik 2 knw abt d copywrite thing..lik, hw 2 go 4 it.)

    kp writting n kp touching new heights

    :) :) :)


    hey.. congrats! and keep writing...


    Awww... thank you! That would be my first "dedication"!

    Am blogrolling you! :) Happy belated birthday to your blog!


    tht was soo sweet on ur part..

    keep blogging..

    Ps:jab second anniversary complete karegaa, to mujhe bhi especially thank karnaa :P :P
    cldnt help cracking a pj :D


    I always found you a deep and passionate being, Its hard to make friend especially good one over new mediums. I cherish our friendship and thank you for humbling me.

    GOD Bless...



    first of all, my appologies for the late comment...

    it is always a pleasure to come to ur page. I seem to learn something very interesting about u n at the same time even about myself...

    thanks for bringing the joy of ur sensitivity to my life....
    god bless :-)


    Congratz friend :)
    thank you so much 4 remembering me...
    good luck n hv a good time ahead...


    I wish i can help you to be published,here ,in my country,but how ?im just a simple reader....i'll tkink about it....MANY YEARS of bloging !I ask my GOD help you !


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