A Pimpled Story.

Ushered earlier than one could imagine,
the first tryst found in springs of a fluffy skin.
A saga of cheeks, in blood and bruise and a scratchy Rebel's gory,
One tiny here, a bombastic there, his life married one Pimpled story.

Glared in unison, of varied sizes , in vivid constellations-
Pimples two or more bonded, shaping scary proportions.

The prints that soaked- red pillows those days bore,
Spoke untold grimace , in silence the child endured.
In grief, he vexed and complained the Uprisings,
Faced the jabbering jerks queer silly rantings.

Pampered the pimples with potions to heal in early days,
Stubborn they rose from death, to scribe the untouched mazes.
From cheeks to back, treading the innmost of the 'Lost' eyes.
He lived pimpled batterings,in agony ,in anguishes and sighs.

Seldom they frequent with time now, yet the scars remain,
Time will not heal them-the scars seemed to tell the tale.

"Lost" eyes is referred to a prominent wandering, searching trait that is
so much in the eyes of the character described..
Indrajit Ghosal.

6 Sonatas:

    Man tell me about it
    had a tuff time with them
    but now they are goneeeeeeee n no scars also

    its really called talent to actully write a poem abt some like this

    BRAVO :)


    When one can redefine a word and its emotions associated withit.. its truely art.. you made ugly and gross sound beautiful..

    i like the new experimenting Indr...



    what u have written is certainly unorthodox....

    n it is brilliantly said


    Hmmmm..good one!!!! Its a scary thing to read but i was hooked till the end.And yeah,scars always tell the tale,,,,i totally agree on dat!!!
    Sometime back,i pimples inspired me to write about them too..but back then, i never thought i could write poetry too...its a new thing i discovered i can manage to do.
    Take care.:-)


    Opss too rich stuff for me to assimilate... i wonder how can someone weave wid somany diverse beads :) Cheers n kp gvng birth 2 such compositions( wid easier words offcourse to hlp blunt ppl like me to undrstnd more...haha..)


    This is some poetry, Indrajit!


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