My "Writer's Block" Phase

(Muse-is referred to a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration for any creation.
Words- This term is referred to the Expressions of our thoughts.)

Dusting the clutters of mind aside,
Despairing soul stutters to find-
words a few with one my Muse
in papers with Pen gliding loose.

Come on fast O Words and befriend,
My many thoughts,O where they went?
Searching Me in the words kind grace,
I falter- the Muse nowhere to trace.

All bottled feels, failing to pen,
I waited to catch the thoughts again.
Thirsty spirit, stirred to near insane,
efforts drained to stroll in Muse's lane.

Hopping aimless,with no words to choose,
In silence I wait to find Me with my Muse.

indrajit Ghosal


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    dis poem i loved a lot.... dese wrds r not written by a by a true soul....mmmmm.... n i think my dis sentence says it all..hw it is...:)


    dis is a beautiful poem, u have given words to every poet's soul... kudos


    intelligently put....


    Good one indr :))
    thats how one feels when we wanna write n cant find anything to write about


    well..thanks for dropping by and the wonderful comments u posted.:-) writer's block is something i have been through during last few days and i exactly know how i feels...could idenity with each n every owrd u put in there..nice poetry!! blogrolled u!


    i actually do remember reading this because I think you captured the poets struggling moments before he concieves his write very well..and i swear i thought i already commenton it...

    Nice work brother...keep penning..:)


    guru phataphati ..!!


    a brilliant poem which discribes the writer brilliant work done due totally awsome


    amazingly written!
    Deep Thought!


    spelling mistakes are desolved in my blood.


    but i'll over come my mistakes


    ye buddy, i remember, sm biggr personality said,pain of creation is no less painful dan labour pain :) so... ur poem is well undrstood... although i cant write so nice.. but wrote da similar situation in one of ma poem.. keep writing...


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    very intelligent! and beautiful..


    Lovely. Came thru matangi blog.

    In silence I wait to find Me with my Muse.

    -True indeed.


    ....keep all thougts ,give them life on the paper and than show


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