Prelude - Before I Die

Haste not, for the time is still,
the moment will touch & go,
I can feel, oh! I can see-
Windchimes in the sunset glow.

There's a distant shell in the sea,
Bring it on, Let me listen to-
her footsteps & her fragrant breathe
before the tides disrupt the show.

Blow me over breeze so swift & insane,
that balms the pits of my pain,
& before the tempest erupts again,
Let me be! O just let me be!

Indrajit Ghoshal- May 2011

8 Sonatas:

    Oh! beautiful, Indr...

    Long time! :)

    Great work...


    It's a Beaut Indro....!!After a long wait .. finally ... drawing the streams again with your pen .. !!!


    ...and you are back!
    Amazing start too..
    Like the blog name, the verses are purely eternal..simply awe-inspiring!


    welcome....missed you like anything.....why a poem by that topic?? ok...I UNDERSTOOD...The show....yours...must go on !


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    My Sufi pundit... i need an escape thought your blog would do me some good... fantastic bro..still raw as ever that even fear to comment...


    Beautiful :)


    awe sum....really felt it!!
    plz if psbl read ma blog too


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