A sudden fear gripped,

paralysed me, like one crippled evening

betrayed by a whimsical night.

Darkness came later,

thus,the evening was set free.

My fear now awaits the Light.

Indrajit G.

32 Sonatas:

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    Honestly, it is good... but you also had better ones :)


    HEY...its just a thought Indrajit's thought....fear..as feeling.....


    I like this. :)
    I think this idea of fear is one we can all relate to. It's a universal human sensation...



    Liked it !! Thnx Mr Shayar-E-Ajam :-)


    "Darkness came later,

    thus,the evening was set free."

    loved it!


    short and strong... the fear experienced by all but you describe it wonderfully... good work poet.


    awesome work...


    suru korar agei sesh hoye gelo..... mane iye amar processor tomar speeder songe palla dite parlona bodh hoy :) 2nd stanzata besi complete fell korlam, but just like dat.....


    These are really some powerful lines, Very well written.


    Very short .. yet so compelling ... !!!


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    'My fear now awaits the lights'... leaves a lot to wait for.

    Well penned as usual. So much to learn from you.


    I agree with everything else you just said. Maybe we are not so far apart in our doctrinal views…Peace and Grace to you 传奇私服**


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    Nice :) We have a tendency to fear everything , we darkness as much as we fear light..


    reading it again....i miss you a lots...hugs.


    Very nice.



    The prose on this page seems to dance and come away alive..sometimes, it gives the effect that it's sad, distant and haunting. But i think it's beautiful.


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