It's You I feel.....

My petals of love remain strewn still,

A heartbeat worth oceans roar, reel,

Every word in the air storms past, unhealed.

& I wait & I wander & it’s You i feel.

Dreams infinite peel off one by one

It’s Guardian- the lonely nights,

Who, to your pruned Meadows, take flight

I sleepwalk images & it’s You i feel.

Indrajit G

10 Sonatas:


    Your poems never stop to amuse me..

    Truly some relations are so strong that even if we stop meeting or talking , their images still linger in our mind ..


    Memories or Muse (?) generateing swweet lines ...keep delighting us !!


    Miss your verses so's more like a Love Lullaby!! truly amazing! love is so felt in each line..gr8 one!


    mesmerizing!! beautiful lines !!!


    Very Lyrical ..!!!It would make a good song ..!


    Nicely woven piece.


    Lovely words man!


    Oh my God. What IMAGERY.
    Please update now.


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    nice... felt incomplete though... might be my lack of understanding :)
    so how are you buddy?....


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