The sky was conjuring up an intriguing spectacle involving the moon and her frolics with the restless clouds-clouds that at one moment draped it's dark veil over the chiselled moon and another moment lilted with the winds and gave way to the Moon to emit her dimmed radiance.
Faraway from this heavenly scene, a precursor of some poignant moment was brewing up between two individuals:-

'Sir, I know how you are-you were not made to be here, amid them.For your loved ones, the least that you could do is not what the others could do.'
Tears sprang down his cheeks, that cascaded to his Sir's hand.
He said calmly as if lost in something else.'No Viru, you are too nice to....'
'Sir.' Viru said, 'the least that you could do is take your heart out for your loved ones cos to brign them back to life-- not most of the others could think of.'
Then he said something which Arya would remember lifelong.
'Sir, I never had a father.'

May be continued.....

4 Sonatas:

    wow...can't wait 2 read ahead :)


    ...may be on part 2 you will move the unhappy soul on a heaven decor.... again...wasting talent on painting life images.....


    touching write !


    May be continued???
    It HAS to continue....waiting eagerly!


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