Together We Dance
A Lyric

Together we dance-
Come rain, come fall,
In autumns, in all seasons-
In jaunty rhymes ,sashaying
-feet over the silken dew,
jazzes- rustling dreams a few.

Together we dance-
And let Love be the reason.

And it shall be
till kingdom come.

Together we dance-
in springs of the youthful sky,
that shines and sparkles-
merrymaking -
the unchained melodies rained down
the laughter rolled in joyous tears-
the ballad of the hearts continues.

Together we dance ,ain't be no fears,
And yes, love is the reason.

And it shall be
till kingdom come.

copyright(c)indrajit ghosal 2008

10 Sonatas:

    ...a chained love gets out from your mind,blooming in the lilac flower from the window !....yes ,its time to dance undevised dance....

    ...a lovely ballade I ever red from you...


    awesome poem
    kind of kick starts ones spirit
    loved it


    something for u


    now compose and sing the song :P


    beautifully composed...


    A day-dreaming provoking poem!
    Absolutely pure!


    do i need to say anything dear...nahhh i guess :)


    great one!

    How have ya been?



    It would be a very nice song if composed .. !There is a melody ,when u just read the lines to yourself ..! Jiooo ..!


    from poems to songs...

    i guess this is what love does to a person. :-)


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