Beneath The Mulburry Leaf:-

Through the Mulburry leaf, goodness glitters,
In silence of the night, peace sails aflutter-
Breezed-the branches sways abound in Meadows.
frolics the mooonlit amid the Mulburry shadows.

Strings of Heart swings in the peaceful gaze-
And it passes through mazes of happiness.
And beneath the mulburry leaf, the Soul rests-
And sways as wind, in Life's shades and glitz.

Indrajit Ghosal

9 Sonatas:

    soul rests ?!
    i felt a touch of sadness in this poem

    good one


    Wow Indrajit, I can only say one word: AMAZING!


    as wind the soul wants to reunite again with his loved ones. but from the other side of the glass sees that they are happy...busy with life. they misses him for sure but still life goes on... the soul thn again comes back under the mulberry tree and rests there just to get up again to cross the mazes to unite with his loved ones..but again comes back n sleeps........ it goes on.... the Mulberry leaf and the silver moon witness all this....


    fav line : And it passes through mazes of happiness.

    take care


    i am running out of compliments...


    ...the Soul beyound appearances!intellectual delightful on your intim and pleasant oasis:your blog!!thanks IndraGit!


    words are not enough to match the beauty of this poem though preeti did her best :) me is joining her :P


    You write beautifully,Indrajit.
    Way to go!

    **And sways as wind, in Life's shades and glitz

    Nice lines.
    And I second Shal..there was a hint of sadness in the poem.

    Great blog


    very sweet and peaceful.. !Jiooo oooo ..




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