Dreaded the desire to open the eyes,
that seeked witness to let go of
the chastised tears-
still very much my own.

I dodged every beat of the heart
that forced and summoned me into
the long void passages of pain.
I clinged to the flickers of forlorn happiness,
with every passing breath, i consoled myself-
"Yes , Life- i have so much Life to Gain."

Till the breathes turned into feary sighs,
till my every plea of Mercy, in denial Dies-
Then a sadist force dragged me to those dreaded Bylanes,
and before i knew,
I started losing myself
in the same crooked paths
that led me nto the wilderness of Pain
Yet Again.

P.S -this is just an imaginary work and hope u like it.
Indrajit ghosal

13 Sonatas:

    every one goes thru such stuff
    n opnce u hit the bottom the only way is - UP

    good one

  your eyes! dont be afraid !....learn to look people without any fear.... only timids search for a refuge when they timidity is stronger than their life's love!.... settle realist life standards ,learn to accept any rejecting ,joke,smile, live your present and you will be an winner....Nice poem,of a timid one.... but that is my therapy.....


    @ Olympia..
    Mam, well its only an imagination,, and thanks for comnt
    Shal thaks to u too


    well don't know whether the poem substantiated my depression or i got more depressed after reading my own story in someone else's words...

    grt literary work as usual. :)

    But pls write some thing pleasant so that vicariously i become happy too :)


    thispoem avidly captures the moments when i have left low


    Viscious circle of life?!


    Wow, Indrajit, reminded me of some Rumi's poems here. A very powerful text indeed.


    Wonderfully written lines...we can really feel it!


    A helpless snap shot of life's pain...

    Atleast thats what I related to in this poem.

    Keep penning brother.


    the poem is full of pain but yes it's beautiful.

    yes, life-i have so much life to gain.
    but how to believe this
    when there is so much of pain.
    how to sooth the heart with sombre green
    when for long there is not a single drop of rain.

    i try hard to love u oh life.
    but some sadist force
    always drags me back to those archives.
    still i see a flickering light glowing far away
    but how long will it wait for me
    can anyone say?

    take care
    :) :) :)


    my bro wrote poetries too.. i got reminded of him.. gr8 post!


    offcourse i liked it man :)
    khub sundor.....


    brilliantly written! :)


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