An Achievement

In shades of brown and hanging tongue,
He waited his turn amid human swarm,
scared,yet solemn,calm and composed,
The puppy waited to cross the road.

Tyres and legs too many; vehicles abound,
he dodged and shrieked, yet stood his ground,
Alone, the tiny-tot's gaze puzzled in the din,
sandwiched he crawled with Giant's around.

And then , the moment of Glory arrived,
when traffic, to the red light slowed,
He flapped ears,wagged furious,
eyes sparked with possible hope.
,he marched along
with little steps, brave and bold
And then,
the little puppy crossed the road..

Indrajit Ghosal.

13 Sonatas:

    cud literally see that puppy , with all thse minute details given

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeee :)


    a delightfull read t....its so hard to write as craftfully as you present things ..cheers ..!!


    all i can say is....awww... sho cute!!!


    lovely words...beautifully written!


    hw cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
    jb puppy ko pta kinna khush hoga :D


    In ou life there is an glory moment!It can make us colossals,iven we are valueless;but it can be ,our moment! May be is your glory moment ,IndraGit!Keep writing ! your nice lirics are my antidote these days.....


    You have the skill to present a simple things in very very emotional and artistic way.


    Aye what pen-name suits you, you tell me... i better call you "God of small things" :) i think i dont need to justify my naming...
    hav a nice year of bloggin ahead...


    @ little Writer :
    I am elated beyond iamgination for ur graceful bounties, that you have dropped here as a comment..
    I will remember it for a long time.
    But I am Nobody , just a detached piece from The Divine' umbilicaL chord searching for something,,,soemthing which I know not if it exists in this world..
    PerhaPS soemthing elusive, some footprints in my lost Mind's Wilderness, perhaps My Home, and sometimes I try to search my own self ... I know Not...
    Maybe someday I would find an answer...Someday, when My Ship will come Home.;-)
    (Just an impulsive write, testng my typing speed)lolzz.


    :).. what a theme! :) really sweet!


    n yes.. a very happy new yr.. :) exclusively for u'r blog..


    belive me dear Indro... i just don't have a single word to describe this masterpiece of yours.
    it's one of your best acc. to me. i can actualy imagine the cute pup crossing the road.

    kp writting fren

    tk cr,
    :) :) :)


    'awwww-ness' defined! :D


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