Open The Door , MaMa--

Open the door, Mama, your son is back home,
After aeons of nights, after many places he roam..
here he is, wearied of roads, turvy and wicked--
Back home,to where he belongs, -
to his Mama's bosom sacred.

Open the door Mama, to see your son has grown,
quiter, richer,he's become.seldom he'd frown.
colours of love , wisdom--your clown has gain.
your whimsy rebel, is today becomingly Sane..

Open the doors , Mama, check your gifts, wont you?
Your Moron waits to see, adore and look into The Eyes too.
Patient I become, groping for your gifts,
Mama, it took time...
Undiluted love is there Mama, so what if it
costs only a dime !!

Open the door Mama, for me you were Born,
"Mom"--you were only called,
when I ushered to the first ray of dawn..
Pains I enshrouded, you forgave them all--
Why you wear A Silence garb, then,
Hearing your son's call???

Open the door Mama,
let me see you and die,
and lemme see your tears
one last time, --as we both cry------

And I'll rub all your tears while I go to SLeep,
while you caress my heart with your words
soulful, comely, sonorous and Deeep..

Open the door Mama, embrace me in Your light,
From Worldly Blacks,,
back to your womb----to your sweetest sight..

Indrajit Ghosal----
for one of my Mamas
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

11 Sonatas:

    Open the door ..please...who so ever it is ....this ..son of yours ..
    knocking the door ..cries ,..

    .....may the door be open for once again thy plea..


    awesome man ...
    hey how about i steal ur poems and make a song out of it ...
    do you mind ????

    hahhaa ...keep on the great work ...


    rocking......the end was so touching, i was choked....i am your fan dude


    wonderful! was really touching.....stupendous writings....simply gr8!.....thnx for reading my blog buddy...i m honoured! :)...


    u poems are power packed to touch hearts !!!
    gud one


    lovely....really touching...presenting child's deep inner feelings n love....i cud feel the warmth..... really good one....


    ooooooooooh,my god!


    i can feel the pain...

    my interpretation is my own... and the loss that i experienced a decade ago is alive again.


    My blessings for you
    Spreaded everywhere.
    My love is there
    Always in the air.
    Can't you feel me son-
    My untouched care?
    My unspoken words
    Can't you hear?

    My boy...
    Why to cry in pain
    When i am there
    In every li'l grain?
    Come my son, out in the open
    And see..
    Can u feel the rain?
    My tears dont stop
    To see u grown up
    Oh! how proud i feel
    To see this innocent sane
    Once who was a whimsy rebel.

    My door is never-ever
    Closed for u.
    Peeping through your window,
    I always watch u
    The sudden blow of air
    The flickering of light
    What you think
    It be might.

    Mama will be mama
    No matter how far she is
    Her love for her son
    Will mever cease.

    With you always
    My blessings are there
    For you always
    I Pray and care
    Oh! cry no more
    My silly dear
    Mama's always beside you
    Always your near.



    oo granny u made me cry again,
    i dont want none, but desires
    still somwhre deepremain,
    to hide behind ur veil,
    ur insane fool loses time and again..

    Know not he wht th world is,
    know not ever th world,wht he is...
    But know do I, u r not too far,
    whre i still run, fro my pains to suppress..

    You watch me granny !! i know u r thre and i want noneth ever,
    cos no one wants me , but You,
    show me ur Home this time ,
    tke me thre Forever..


    well thank u all and
    @ Preetilata,
    ur words wre beyond words..thanks :)


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