The Lost Poem.-1

Ages and miles went past life,
from the springs of sunshine-
to it's baked confines-

The Vagabond yearns for glimpses bygone
The footsteps in the sands of time-
The rose tinted shadowy scapes.

The mind rummages something precious within-
The Heart bored many restless pangs-
Seeking the Lost Poem.

Amid dusts in the piles gathered-
Amid unseen corners in that Haven-
Amid chords of disrupted songs.

The Lost Poem- once that was-
Still stays somwhere close-
something the vagabond always holds dear.

Copyright(c) Indrajit ghosal.

8 Sonatas:

    beautiful tribute to that lucky "lost poem".

    the footsteps in the sands of time.. ... for me it's d best line.

    i wonder if the lost poem-1 is sooooo beautiful thn how the lost poem-2 is going to be. cant wait for long. :)


    .....hey, you lonely man!...keep opened your heart white window and the lost poem , mysterious poem ,will become the endless poem....

    ....Very nice to read it , even I felt melancholia from a heart tired of such pursuits.....


    is it really lost , i doubt, its here as this wonderful poem :)


    :O now what is this lost poem :(

    some of your poems are out of my reach indu :(


    Great poem! Really beautiful!!!


    tht touched my soul


    Indrajit, this is a good poem. But I must say I loved the earlier one better for it was more ethereal in essence!


    Ultimate , Wonderfully written , orreh nah ... aamra sei vagabond ..!


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