"A Dream and A Granny"

'Twas a night when I laid sound asleep,
When to the hushed numbness, a Dream Peeped,
Touched by one Soul, in love i shivered-
Granny tiptoed, to Solace i leaped.

The hands outstretched-my only haven,
To the beckoning, restless i rushed,
Buried my head in her heart after ages-
Towards her caring hug, a lovelorn soul dashed.

All I recall, are my wordless complaints-
and her fondness and caring warmth-
Amid layers of tears streaming down,
the desires soaked in the flow raged.

Then hazed went the dream sudden,
And nothing existed it seemed-
I awoke to see - the quest undone-
Reality betrayed, what dream aspired.

Indrajit Ghosal

8 Sonatas:

    wonderful poem.. keep writing :)



    ...be happy! Granny is the gratest treasure of your childhood....without her wisdom and equlibrium your life would be monotone and sad....nice to remember me about Granny.....


    gosh indu, i love the lines u write for grandparents, they are best thing that happened to us :)


    this poem really touched a chord


    indeed a masterpiece...


    What a delightful, musical and pure poem. I loved it! Boy, do I envy your muse! lol....



    real flow... loved it man :)


    heart felt
    life is a dream
    and dreams are as real as life


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