Grandpa .....

Grandpa wake upand see-
your sonny stands aloft,
with head held high
your yesterday's bud,
has bloomed today in splendor.

the one who lost to you,
once, in the daily morning runs,
the blushed one of yesteryear,
he's grown and gained in life's sphere.
memories of glooms are distant now,
he walks in sprighted galore.

Grandpa wake up once and
pour forth the jovial smile,
wake to run once, one more
winter morn's mile.

grandpa wake up and let me hear ,
my birthday song that you once crooned -
for birthday is far though, still
i want to listen it after many moons.

Now wake up before my eyes betray,
and vision fades , haziness revels
to end this, much to my dismay.

Indrajit ghosal (c) copyright reserved

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