Grandpa .....

Grandpa wake upand see-
your sonny stands aloft,
with head held high
your yesterday's bud,
has bloomed today in splendor.

the one who lost to you,
once, in the daily morning runs,
the blushed one of yesteryear,
he's grown and gained in life's sphere.
memories of glooms are distant now,
he walks in sprighted galore.

Grandpa wake up once and
pour forth the jovial smile,
wake to run once, one more
winter morn's mile.

grandpa wake up and let me hear ,
my birthday song that you once crooned -
for birthday is far though, still
i want to listen it after many moons.

Now wake up before my eyes betray,
and vision fades , haziness revels
to end this, much to my dismay.

Indrajit ghosal (c) copyright reserved

13 Sonatas:

    ...some of Grandpas are like creatures of old storyes... wises and good people, they made happy our childhood ,thats why grandpa- the word -haes a magical aureole for us ,spendtime with him haes another nobleness.Storyes about them become our impulse for courage school on our way to freedom. Your Grandpa got you an especial touchiness and a genetic cargo I think. Go on keeping a very good memory.....good work.


    tht touched a chord..amazing poem


    very nice!!!

    your post suddenly took me to my grandfather. So far away yet right now very close to my heart!

    Thanks :-)


    beautiful 1..a spl work must say 2 those whor fond of their grandpa's in particular..thanks 4 sharing it..




    Poignant .... but full of hope ....



    That was sad...


    loved it!

    i miss my grandpa!

    i miss him more after reading this!


    the words are very excpressive...of the loss!!


    man!! awesome... no words left to praise..m impressed


    bhalo laglo bhai as usual.. tune ta khub porichito mone holo... ageo porechi tomar kono lekhai xact eki style... tobe sotti bolte mood ta feel korar moto environment nai, tai besi kichu bolte parlamna... sujog pele feel korbo punorbar...


    so sweet, me saving this one. It's like you put my feelings into a poem :)


    indro....this one really touched my heart....very well done....keep it up.


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