Recollections--A Teen's Crush.

The untamed heart pranced in silhouettes of satin,
Opened the eyes with dreams floating in primeval preen-
Flied the real dins,peeped the Surreal, with his first muse,
A teeny-soul shrieked in whispers,sniffing love:fancied and footloose.

World and her morons faded miles in eternal oblivion,
For flawed springs of love entwined itself to it's new Scion,
He framed pictures in hazy happiness, and flickered in restless flame,
Nights forlorn witnessed innocent's jives, winds rustled praises for his Dame.

A castle he carved in the Sonatas of Time, in skies' of blue lagoon,
floating in oceans of Life,and cuddling with the half-buried moon.
No words the Scion uttered, the Heart had the many ripples to say,
He remorsed as the day of parting neared to his dismay.

Till one day, he faded with many words unsaid,
His little pieces of shattered heart met the fate,
Time stole the child away with his docile heart,
and a crush of a kid, later became a chuckle of a Bard.

Indrajit ghosal


6 Sonatas:


    how a kid it bron with unknown dreamsn sometimes where fate lands it

    i also liked those lines above the blog which u hv written

    touched my soul



    its funny... wen i think.. if only i could write this well..:)
    too much man..

    truly poetic..

    its too much for my humble being..

    but dont you stop... the sky is the limit with your writes... keep pennin... dont you forget this brother when you reach ther..:)


    i really envy be not you ..
    to write such words which speaks of our own childhood ..the days of unspoken words ..which you wanted to speak out but never could ...great work Indro ..!!



    plz dont ever stop writing


    for dis poem i must say....ohlalaaaaaaaaaaaa......

    cudnt understand in the beginning...but its the magic of words i must say dat u hv produced in ur poem...dat described even ur dis stage wen u wr wholly in a lost kinda stage....

    i hv never heard any poem speaking bout a crush.... but u cud show ur magic even here....its really amazing..... nw i really 4m my heart say.... hats off to u......... applause...


    lovely :)
    u are gifted!


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