My Utopia- 1
( A world that waits to unfold)

Where men and women are admired akin,
And no bias on race and skin,
Where no foetuses ever burn,
and no girls fear the lurking unseen.

Where exists no religion,
where one bond of love reigns
Where no child is fate's cursed,
No elders to Old-age homes dispersed.

Where food of all colors,
are laid in lavish means,
where rich and poor none exist,
and all embrace the joyous dins.

Where past is not far away,
where one can repose in those lanes,
and come back from the sepia-times,
to Now and shape the morrow's miles.

Where Santa carries gifts for all,
where music speaks the mind sublime-
Where the kins are never parted
to be memories in the heart forlorn

Indrajit Ghosal.

14 Sonatas:

    Very nice poem.


    i think this was 1 of ur best poems till date


    u write nice...
    thanks for commentin dood..


    good but not the best


    i wud say wat is described here is heaven!!!

    good one :)


    Quiet simple in approach with glitters of this lucid world you conceived !


    Surely Utopic Thought..!!!


    definitely a utopian thought!! but then.. its good to have such a dream.. gives u something to smile about.. dosen't it?


    Excellent work ! Definitely an utopia.


    a must utopian thot that has been very well expressed! keep up da good work! :)


    A good approach towards the finding of a perfect world..
    i liked it.


    It is simply marvellous how u can transition from elements of nostalgia and despair into hope and good will...
    I would definitely love to see more...


    Splendid work! A strong desire for this world has crept up in my mind after reading it :)... may b its the idea of Eden.. Alas..I wish that stupid Eve hadn't grasped the fruit of tree of knowledge :(


    ,,,,,where ? NOWHERE! a cruel reality,prouved by you again .wonderfull!


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