Wo aankhen bujh gaye us din..
tasvir me jo aaj bhi khuli hui hai...

Ek hansi ruthi hui baithi hai..
Wahan kone me fir kaun hans rha hai...?

Wo saanse chalee gaye..
wo sapne hai jo jaati hi nehi...

Na jaane kis roshni ki aur tum chal diye..
Andheron me Yaadein tumhari fir kyo hai...?

Un sab mausam ko roka hai maine,
Pasine se saji,hari ghason ke tale..

Dopaharon ko aaj tum nehi aaoge,
wo khel beech me hi adhura reh gya tha..

Happy birthday Bato and rest in peace.

5 Sonatas:

    such an emotional and evocative poem..especially these lines:
    "Na jaane kis roshni ki aur tum chal diye..
    Andheron me Yaadein tumhari fir kyo hai...?"..i loved it.
    your words filled me with sadness for your grief. keep well indr & may your Bato find peace.


    a befitting tribute!


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