someone writes a song.

when the torrid winds ruffle your silken black hair,
when their blows dismantle your life to utter uncare,
and the blaze of The Fiend and her ilks rips your calm,
when the dusts of mundane trivias does your soul harm,
someone ,somewhere plays one tune churning all goodness,
Away from humans and you, in the orange sun's harness,
someone, writes a song for You..

When you wake in nightmares, fear writ on thy Hallowed face,
and beads of worryand diving despairs, to yopur way they race.
when gloomy clouds, follies those black eyes,in the dark you grope,
when days beckon to empty lands of trepids and no high hope,
you know, one soul, churns a tune of your enlightened life,
in solitude ,in the soothing sun,he sings to embrace your strife,
and he writes one song for You.

when you leave the childhood haven, with dripping sadnes and sighs,
and you feel pale and low, and your heart , not the Eye cries
when you scatter trail of unseen tears, and the Unspokens none hear,
when the cheers surpass the bride's deafening silence, allied with fear,

you know one soul tunes a trail of delights of many blesses and rainbow hue
all aloof, passing with the last faint of dusk, He's written his song for You.

Indrajit Ghosal

copyright(c)2007 indrajitghosal

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